'One Man's Trash' 30 x 45cm

Satin Bowerbird original wildlife painting, gouache on cold-press paper

Satin Bowerbird original painting

This artwork was my second entry for the 2019 Wildlife Artist of the Year competition, hosted by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

I entered this in to the ‘Animal Behaviour’ category.

The Satin Bowerbird (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus) is native and an endemic species to eastern Australia.

When trying to seduce females, they collect ‘treasure’, usually consisting of anything blue!

They use these objects to decorate their intricately made bowers to win the ladies hearts.

The background was airbrushed with watered down ink and gouache paint to create a ‘blurred’ effect which gave the painting depth.

This effect also makes the beautiful iridescence of the bowerbird almost seem 3D.

A subject such as the Satin Bowerbird is always such a joy to paint.

I hope you like it! Fingers crossed for the 2019 competition.

Satin bowerbird painting original wildlife art
Original Wildlife Art Satin Bowerbird
Original Wildlife Art Satin Bowerbird