‘The Anatomy Of…’ Anatomical Watercolour Artworks

I have forever been inspired by anatomy and wildlife, birds in particular and this series is simply a collision of my two inspirations.
I have always strived for perfection in my art, but this particular project has made me realise that I love the imperfections of the looser style of painting as I was experimenting. It’s completely unpredictable how the watercolours will bleed, how the drips will influence the painting and what patterns they will make, which makes these artworks completely unique and it’s exciting to watch them develop.
As a taxidermist, I’m constantly looking at and reciting anatomical references for my work. The idea of mixing this ‘Skeleton’ layer with the watercolour paintings came to me at 3am one morning after looking through some old sketchbooks that day – I tried it out the next day on a transparent layer and completely fell in love with the end result.

Once the paintings are framed, it becomes an almost interactive piece; If you look at it at a certain angle, the skeleton later aligns perfectly with the painting below.

Sometimes I like the minimalism of how some watercolours turn out, so I decide not to add the skeleton layer.

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